💸Polyflow Pricing Plans

Polyflow is integrated with the PolyflowSwapper smart contract, which uses underlying AAPX tokens to unlock paid packages.

There are three packages available for the Polyflow tool, they are outlined at the pricing page.

To start using Polyflow inside your project, contact us for onboarding.

Buying Subscription

Call the paySubscription(accountId) function on the PolyflowSwapper contract and provide your account identifier as a parameter, the one you used for creating a project on Polyflow.

The amount of ETH you need to send to this function is determined by the active Polyflow pricing plan. PolyflowSwapper contract will convert ETH to the dollar amount, and Polyflow system will detect this event while keeping the account active. To renew subscription plan, execute payments regularly and your account will remain active.

We notify users via e-mail if the payment hasn't been detected with a 2-week notice.

Account Identifier

Your account is the masked e-mail address you used when creating the account on the Polyflow application. We use masked format to protect user's privacy, and to not store the sensitive user information on-chain.

accountId = keccak256(user_email)

To calculate your account ID, apply the keccak256 function to your email address. For an example, you can use this online tool to get the identifier for your e-mail address.

In an example above, we calculated the identifier for email user@email.com and the result was: 0xe870815e738261a48cd94eb488b78935868aa2955cbf298deb2df27b898b870b

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