🤖Upkeep Subscriptions

Managing Chainlink Upkeep Subscriptions using the Dev3 tools.


Upkeeps are contracts you set up on Chainlink Automation that allow anyone to run a smart contract function automatically according to a custom predefined schedule. Time-based upkeeps are similar to cron jobs. Upkeeps are a part of the Chainlink Automation Product.


To start using this module, initialize the Dev3 SDK & Chainlink KeeperRegsitry instances first, like this:

import { Dev3SDK, KeeperRegistry } from "dev3-sdk";

var dev3: Dev3SDK;
var keeperRegistry: KeeperRegistry;

async function init() {
    dev3 = new Dev3SDK("<your api key>", "<your project id>");
    keeperRegistry = new KeeperRegistry();
    return keeperRegistry.init();


Once initialization function is finished, you can start using the Upkeep Subscriptions module by interacting with the functions registry object!

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