🔷Chainlink Feeds

Dev3 SDK allows anyone to get use of the Chainlink Price Feeds if there's a need to read the price feed for different pairs of assets. To use this feature, simply import and initialize Chainlink module on a defined blockchain network. Feeds will be read from the network you select while initializing the module. Then use the module to read any of the available trade pairs.

In the example below, we're reading the price of Apple stock from the Chainlink oracle on the Avalanche blockchain.

import { Chainlink } from 'dev3-sdk';

// connect to Chainlink on Avalanche
const feed = Chainlink.instance(
  "https://1rpc.io/avax/c",  // AVAX network rpc url
  Chainlink.PriceFeeds.AVAX  // AVAX network selectore

// fetch price of Apple stock
const appleStockPrice = await feed.getFromOracle(feed.feeds.AAPL_USD);

Visit the GitHub repo to learn more about the Chainlink Price Feeds SDK.

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