👾Launching an NFT Collection

Estimated time to complete the tutorial: ~30 mins

In this tutorial, we'll describe the full process of how to launch an NFT collection and mint NFT items with no coding required. You will learn how to properly launch the NFT collection on any chain of your choice, and ultimately be able to see the NFTs on a popular marketplace such as OpenSea.

The tutorial is split in three parts, and no programming or blockchain experience is required to complete the steps.

There are two simple requirements before you move on to with the tutorial:

  1. You are supposed to have a workspace created on the Dev3 Dashboard. If you don't already have one, refer to our straightforward guide on creating your first Dev3 workspace on the Polygon Mumbai test network! ✅

  2. You are supposed to have your own collection of images prepared to be launched as the NFT collection. In the tutorial, we are using our own test collection of three random monkey images to showcase how it's done. ✅

If you're all set, you can move on with the tutorial, and by the end you will accomplish the following:

  • upload the images to the decentralized storage (IPFS)

  • deploy NFT smart contract

  • mint NFT items to your wallet

  • see your NFT collection on the NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea

Let's move on! 🚀

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