💸Dev3 Pricing Plans

Dev3 transaction bundles explained.

Dev3 pricing model introduces two plans:

  • free

  • prepaid

Prepaid plan only accepts payments in form of native ETH on the Ethereum blockchain network!

Free plan

The free plan is active by default and allows anyone to create the project on the Dev3 Dashboard and start playing around. The only limitation is set upon the number of transaction requests processed by the Dev3 widget. Every project gets 200 transaction requests for free in order to test the platform and play around.

Once the 200 requests threshold has been reached, the prepaid plan is automatically activated. This means the workspace owner must buy the transactions by paying in ETH.

Payments are received and processed by our Dev3 Swapper smart contract which uses underlying AAPX tokens to unlock paid packages. Simply call the buyTransactions(address wallet) function and provide your master wallet as a parameter, the one you used for creating a project on Dev3.

Send any amount of ETH to this function and Swapper contract will convert ETH to the dollar amount, and then the dollar amount is converted to the number of transactions as defined per pricing. This way you can buy any number of transactions on demand. As you get close to the limit, simply refill this contract with ETH to buy more transactions.

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